Help Customers Fight Winter With Promotional Ice Scrapers

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By Matt Franks

Winter is coming. That’s the sad fact. Soon the weather is going to be changing and the nice weather that we are having now is going to be turning to ice and snow. So what is a company to do? How do they help people get ready for those months of cold weather, frosted windshields and mornings full of cleaning them off? There is no better way than to offer people promotional ice scrapers.

There are a couple of reasons why promotional ice scrapers are such a popular item with companies to bear their name and logo.


One of the things that companies like about promotional ice scrapers is their low price. They don’t have to worry about using up all of their advertising money on them, leaving them free to buy other promotional items as well.


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Another good point about promotional ice scrapers is the fact that they are practical. So many companies give out items that are cute or that look nice, but the customers find that they don’t have anything to do with them. So they wind up in a drawer or in the rubbish bin. That won’t happen with promotional ice scrapers.

Here are some tips on how to promote a business with promotional ice scrapers tog get the best results possible.

Order Early

When your company is planning to use promotional ice scrapers in their advertising campaign, make sure that you are getting your orders in early. This is going to allow you to get enough promotional ice scrapers to give out to people and make sure that you have them by the time they are needed.

Give Them Out Freely

Another thing to remember is that you should give them out. Everyone can use another ice scraper to use when they are driving in the winter time, especially employees. Giving each of your employees one of your promotional ice scrapers will ensure that they are going to have what they need in the winter to drive safely and get to work on time. They are a great item to give out at trade shows and other multi company events, as long as the event isn’t held in a warm climate.

Give Them Out Before the Snow Starts

The best time to give out promotional ice scrapers is before someone needs them. It shows that your company is thinking ahead and that you want your customers to be prepared. Customers are going to appreciate your thoughtfulness and the fact that you thought of their needs.

Promotional ice scrapers are a great promotional item to hand out to everyone that will have to battle the elements this winter. They are something that is inexpensive and practical, and something that people are going to use. Simply remember to order your promotional ice scrapers early so that you have them to hand out to customers and you will find that they are interested in doing business with your company. Promotional ice scrapers are something that will help your company more than scrape by.

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