Why A Hydraulic Jack Is Used}

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Why a hydraulic jack is used


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Hydraulic jacks have been designed to lift the heaviest of loads. Although to look at the hydraulic jack is light, compact and portable but has hidden powers it can lift heavy loads and exerts great force. The way the device works is quite simple. It pushes liquid against a piston, pressure is then built in the jacks container.

The Hydraulic jack uses compressible fluid, which is forced onto a cylinder by a plunger. The liquid usually used is oil for the simple fact that it is self lubricating and has much more stability compared to other liquids. As the plunger comes up, it pulls the liquid with it through a check valve suction pump. As soon as the plunger is lowered, it sends the liquid through another valve into a cylinder. A ball used for suction in the cylinder shuts the cylinder and pressure builds up in the cylinder. The suction valve that is present in the jack opens at each draw of the plunger. The discharge valve located outside the jack opens when oil is pushed into the cylinder. It is this pressure of the liquid which enables the jack to lift the heavy loads.

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If the load you need to lift weighs between 1.5 to 3 tons then hydraulic jacks should be used to lift the load because they are portable and simple and easy to use. Say goodbye to heavy duty expensive lifting equipment such as cranes. Hydraulic jacks have different functions. Floor jacks are used to lift heavy loads from the floor. Bottle jacks are used to leverage tight spots.

Using hydraulic jacks in the rail industry make lifting and high-pressure moving easy. A hydraulic offers one main benefit and that is simple to use. Not only is it easy to operate a hydraulic jack, but whatever process you are using the jack for will be achieved much quicker.

Using hydraulic track jacks are beneficial to all industries where heavy lifting is required; this is because hydraulic jacks provide very high mechanical advantage in lifting loads by using only a small amount of force on the small cylinder.

Hydraulic jacks offer improved maneuverability, fantastic lifting power and overall safety. Additionally, they can be operated by one man allowing him to lift much heavier loads without causing injury.

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Why a hydraulic jack is used

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