Writing For Money The Three Easiest Ways To Get Started Making Money Writing On The Internet

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Writing for money is cool. You get to stay home and choose your own hours. You can even work in your jammies if you like. Yet some writers feel that writing for money is almost a sacrilege. Others feel that earning a good income from writing is an impossible dream. Read on to discover how making money writing can be well within reach for most writers, including you.

Where did we get the idea that we shouldn’t be paid for our writing? I think that’s absurd! The image of the starving writer comes from the fact that many writers, especially literary writers, give their writing away for free — or for copies of the publications in which their writing appears.

There’s nothing wrong with that if you like working for free. But it’s definitely not the only way to approach writing. In fact, many other writers are making a very nice living from writing articles, sales copy, and other content — and most of them make their living online.

Here are three ways to get you started:

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1) Write Articles to Promote Affiliate Products

An easy way to get started is by becoming an affiliate marketer. Find a few products that are in demand, join their affiliate programs, and start writing articles about them. Then you get those articles published… and start counting your money.

It’s actually just a little more complicated than that, but this is basically how to get started. A more advanced approach is to create a review site where you pre-sell the product to your visitors and then send them on to the actual sales page.

2) Get Paid for your Articles Directly

There’s another, more predictable, way to make money with writing. You can actually get paid for your individual articles. Not a huge amount, unfortunately, but it’s a start, and there is growth potential.

There are quite a number of places online that will pay you to write articles for them. Some of them post them on their sites, and others sell them to clients. You’ll find them by going to Google and searching for phrases such as “Get Paid for Articles,” or by asking around in forums that cater to work-at-home moms.

Of course, you can also get your own clients. A way to start with that is by offering your services on freelance sites like Elance, Shelance, or on busy forums filled with marketers, such as the Warrior Forum. You can quickly build up a clientele. Then get some positive feedback and rave reviews for your work, and you’ll be off to the races — writing for money — and a regular income.

3) Write for Yourself

The most lucrative approach to writing for money is to write for yourself. That’s right. You’ll be your own client. You can start by creating your own special reports and either sell them or give them away to promote products by others — or even your own products. Making money writing can be very rewarding if you have control over what you write.

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