Cheapest Central Heating Gas Boiler: 5 Point Buyer’s Guide

By Everett Maclachlan

Central heating gas boilers are appropriate for offering good resistance against the winter weathers. However, when buying one for your home, it is of utmost importance to keep in mind certain crucial factors that would help you in saving money on the deal and in the long term.

Following are the key points that would help you locate the cheapest central heating gas boiler.

1. Boiler Type

While looking to buy a gas boiler, you are more likely to end up with condensing boilers. As per the new regulations in law, most of the boilers that are available include the condensing models. Only a few exceptional boilers are not the condensing boiler make. When looking for the cheapest central heating gas boiler, make sure that you are clear with respect to the requirements, size, as well as the circumstances pertaining to the household.


These factors include the budget, property size for heating, existing heating setup, as well as bathrooms present in the house. All of the above-mentioned features have a direct influence on the type of boiler that would best fit your homes. The rule is that combi-boilers would be ideal for smaller spaces however, if space is not a constraint, you can go for a conventional size boiler system.

2. Purchasing the Boiler

When purchasing a boiler, buying from plumbers or manufacturers often stands as the plausible solution. However, in most cases, it is likely that you will not be able to get a confident advice for purchasing the cheapest central heating gas boiler. It would be a better approach to choose from a reference given to you by your family or friends. This will more likely get you a better service along with better products. Similarly, a local boiler dealer would give you less cost as opposed to a dealer with a nationwide appeal. However, it would be better to buy a boiler from a national dealer, as this would mean that you get a product with good credit as well as guarantee.


For getting the cheapest central heating gas boiler, you need to compare quotes from various companies in order to get a clear idea about the cost and product differences. A minimum of three quotes with two for national firms and one pertaining to a local firm do a good job in characterizing the products. You will also be able to understand where each of the company stands in its services and support packages.

4. Preparation

Once you are thorough with the ordering of your boiler, the stage is set for the inspection. The engineer is bound to take a good survey of your home to establish the current system as well as the lifestyle that you employ. This will be crucial in enabling the effective specification of your boiler as well as the heating system. Make sure that you have located the place where you need to install your boiler along with the plans pertaining to your house. Although, these points may seem of no immediate use, they are crucial from the engineer’s point of view.

5. Key Questions

Make sure that you ask questions pertaining to after-sales services of the company along with the energy efficiency of the boilers. These play an important role in getting you the cheapest central heating gas boiler.

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