What Are The Common Dental Problems Treated By A Dentist In Magnolia

byAlma Abell

A dentist can help provide a line of defense against dental problems. Oral health is critical at all stages in life right from the young age to adult and senior age. If you maintain a proper oral hygiene and seek timely treatment, you can prevent many complications and diseases that arise due to poor oral health. A person with poor oral health may experience problems with their self-esteem, appearance, sleep, behavior as well as developmental problems among children. Making a point to regularly visit a Dentist In Magnolia will ensure that you receive timely checkups and screening for any possible decay of tooth and development of gum disease. Untreated cavities cause pain and give way for infections. Seek medical attention in case you are having the following dental problems:

Dental caries:

This is an infectious disease that affects teeth and results to the destruction of calcified tissue. It is among the common causes of tooth loss and can affect anyone at any stage. This disease can cause severe pain in its late stages.

Dental plaque:

Dental plaque occurs as a thin tenacious film on the surfaces of teeth. The presence of microbes in dental plaque causes fermentation of carbohydrates to release acids, which result to demineralization and disintegration of organic substances of a person’s teeth. Dental plaque can cause gum disease.


The teeth can suffer from physical impacts and accidents causing chipping, fractures, and flaking. Habits like using teeth as tools and grinding can wear them out leading to deformities. Visit website for more details.

Missing tooth:

Tooth decay and physical impacts can cause missing tooth. If you have a missing tooth, it might cause bone loss and shift of the remaining teeth.


If cold or hot food and drinks are making you wince, then you have sensitive teeth. Sensitivity can be caused by fractured teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, exposed tooth root, and worn fillings.

A Dentist In Magnolia can examine your mouth, teeth and gums to detect any deformities, diseases, or plaque and offer the right treatment and preventive care procedures. Gentle Dental Care has specialized dentists who can handle common dental problems and offer appropriate treatment as well as cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile and health by protecting your oral cavity, correcting deformities and treating diseases.