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Your kitchen is the place in your home that you probably spend a lot of time. Not only is it important to have a functional kitchen, it is also important that it is stylish. Cooker hoods come in all different sizes and designs and can really make your kitchen look nice.

A cooker hood is a vent that is usually installed above your stove. The hood provides a place for the smoke from your cooking to go to. Many of them have fans built in that will help to pull the smoke up and through the hood so that the smoke does not fill your kitchen and home.

Most restaurants have very large cooker hoods above their stoves and grilling areas. These hoods must be cleaned frequently because the grease from the cooking tends to build up on the hood and can cause a fire hazard.

No matter what the design of the kitchen, you are sure to find one that will look fabulous in your space.


A very attractive model of cooker hood comes in stainless steel. The stainless steel is very shiny and reflective and looks great when it is clean.

In the restaurant industry, the stoves can be in many sizes and places. Some kitchens have their stoves in the center of the kitchen. Hoods can be purchased that will be suspended from the ceiling above the bar island area where the stove is located. It will be attached to the ceiling and will carry the smoke out the top of the building and into the outside.

If your stove area is along a wall you can purchase a cooker hood that is mounted to the wall. These types of hoods are typically easier to install because you can bracket the hood to the wall. The brackets will serve as a brace so that the installation will go smoothly.

While the cooker hoods can be fairly expensive, they are required in most commercial restaurants. The cost of installing the cooker hood may be of a significant amount as well. There can be some serious alterations that need to be done if the area is not equipped for servicing a kitchen.

You can get your cooker hood in many different colors. If the design of your restaurant is primarily bright colors you can purchase a cooker hood in red to go with the design scheme. You can also purchase a hood that is flat based or even curved. The curved hoods are great because the smoke from the stove rolls right into the hood area and does not have a flat area to escape out of. Having a hood will take the smoke from your restaurant and leave your space smelling like the great food that you are cooking.

When it is time to make a change in your kitchen, consider the many different styles and colors of cooker hoods. Not only are they necessary but they are also very stylish and can spice up your space very easily. Remove the smoke from your cooking area and get a great looking kitchen at the same time.

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