Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Following the success of “Chinatrust Global Leaders Forum” in 2005, Chinatrust Commercial Bank (CTCB), the forum organizer, invited Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, to give the main address on the subject of “Cross-Strait e-Commerce Development” yesterday.

“We (CTCB) held this forum originally with a speech-style type, and hoped participants absorb good experiences from some world-class notabilities. At the first holding, we invited Dr. Edward Prescott forecasting the future of global economics and this invitation was finally respected by financial people in Taiwan. With trendy transformations and global popularization of the Internet in the presence, we finally decided to invite Jack Ma to share experiences from his successful management theory.” Jeffery Koo (Chairman of CTCB) remarked at the opening.

With Alibaba Group now entered into the Hong Kong market, Ma sees a bright future with partners’ cooperation. He said: “A successful company is decided by flexible wisdoms more than its scale.” Those words echoed some of the quotes he used in his speech at the forum: “Rich is a sum by team collaborations and accumulating several experiences but not money. Several valuable things can’t buy with money. A company should have a long-term consideration and planning to meet success with creative, better, and different products and services.”

He not only taught some strategies but also cited Chinese stories on Three Kingdoms and Tang Dynasty to point out key factors (visions, ambitions, bosoms, and actual strengths) which determine the success or failure of a company leader.