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Joe FentonTree Removal Service Marietta GAEmergency tree service companies here in Marietta relocate dead trees that are planted in close proximity to residential residences and properties. Throughout time periods of high windstorms, these trees can be exceptionally dangerous.A substantial quantity of these type of trees every year fall on residences, vehicles, electrical light poles and from time to time even on folks. Many house owners here in Marietta have suffered the unfortunate event of having a tree fall on their home. This scenario can result in some extremely large insurance damages.Will my insurance company pay for this? Which tree has fallen, my neighbor’s or mine?In case my tree falls in neighbor’s yard, will I pay for this? Am I liable for the damage?Which local tree service will deal with the matter? How much time it will take to relocate the fallen tree?How much time will take to fix my roof?Whom to call to fix the problem?Well, they are rather legitimate inquiries that present themselves in the course of an unexpected emergency situation. The great news is that insurance company is responsible for taking care of emergency tree removal. It bears the complete cost.Homeowners typically hire the insurance company. Insurance companies typically have list of vendors of local tree companies, which provide the service to the homeowners. The insurance companies also send their reps to property owners and chalk out the deal. The deal will include the compensation amount and the course of action of taking care of the fallen trees. Given that trees generally fall on homes, the insurance company companies will notify the homeowners how they are going to deal with that.They will tell you with regards to the overall time period necessary to move the fallen tree.Elements like how much machines and equipments (cranes, trolleys, manpower etc) will be required. In the course of the discussion, tell the agent what are your needs and so on. In case tree falls through a house, the entire relocation is commonly accomplished within a number of hours of occurrence. However, in case of windy storm at 3am, the relocation process will take some time. The tree job depends upon complexity and timing of the occurrence. In daylight and normal weather, it may take relatively lesser time. But in case of dark night and that too at a tall building, the task can take lot of time.The costs may be higher if damage is complicated or some serious damage to your property has taken place. The tree service providers, however, have enough kits and infrastructure to deal with the most complex tree fall situation. In case tree falls onto your neighbor’s hour or vice versa, what shall you do? Well this is really a tricky situation since neighbors don’t want to ruin their relationship.The responsibility changes as per the ownership of the trees. However, most of the cases are solved in good atmosphere and without any hassles. There have been cases, which have been settled with court’s interference. Henceforth it is strongly recommended to homeowners to hire an insurance company to cover all kinds of costs related to tree fall incidents. Tree service Marietta GA has you covered no matter what type of emergency tree service or removal you need.

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