Understanding Penalties &Amp; Litigation Through An Accident Attorney In Gulfport, Ms

byAlma Abell

The state of Mississippi has a state-wide initiative to prevent the involvement of uninsured motorists in accidents. This is to prevent victims from suffering due to the hardship of property damage and extensive medical costs. Drivers who fail to comply with insurance laws are subject to penalties, including license suspension and fines. Furthermore, the victim has the legal right to hire an Accident Attorney in Gulfport MS to seek compensation.

Mississippi Requirements For Auto Insurance

In basic, Mississippi drivers are required to maintain liability insurance that covers $25,000 for injuries sustained with a maximum of $50,000. They must acquire coverage of no less than $25,000 to provide funds for property damage. It is advised that these drivers acquire uninsured motorist insurance to add extra coverage for accidents that do involve non-compliant drivers. This does not penalize the driver when they are not at fault, it simply provides them with further coverage.Unfortunately, in terms of motorcycle coverage, a basic policy does not cover passengers. If the at-fault driver was operating a motorcycle during the accident, his or her passenger is not covered unless they acquire further coverage. In Mississippi, they can purchase motorcycle-passenger liability insurance. Without this coverage, the driver is liable. The passenger could file a claim against him or her through an Accident Attorney in Gulfport MS.

Further stipulations could lead the court to rule against a claimant who was operating a motorcycle if he or she failed to comply with protective gear laws. Shared fault would apply based on this failure, and it could prevent a victim from acquiring compensation. The same is true for automobile accidents in which the victim is driving while intoxicated or otherwise impaired. Traffic violations such as speeding or reckless driving are also included in shared fault cases.

Wrongful-death lawsuits stem from liabilities associated with failures on the part of drivers. Any non-compliance with the traffic laws during an accident could render a driver at fault. When they are liable, and a fatality occurs, not only are they subject to the probability of civil litigation, but they are also open to possible criminal charges. Accidents happen often; however, failing to drive safely could result in a charge of vehicular manslaughter. Victims or family members of a victim should hire an Auto Accident Attorney in Gulfport, MS when a fatality occurs during an accident.