Used Car Dealer Chicago: Getting Your Kind Of Car

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Getting your kind of car from a used car dealer Chicagobranch is easier if you have a friend who can stand by as you select from a long range of makes and models. It would not be a good idea to go out on your own as you need a second opinion when buying a car unless you are already bent on getting that car for yourself several months prior to going back to the dealer’s shop. This may also mean that you have long decided on which unit to purchase.

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Used Car Dealer Chicago: Reasons why people sell their cars at used car dealersThere are many reasons why people sell their cars including needing a new one for a growing family. In addition, they may have either traded them or sold them for the purpose of acquiring another one that performs better. However, there are owners who, just for the sake of owning a new one, trade in or sell their cars to go with the trend. Other reasons could be the need for money like raising additional funds in setting up a business or for relocation purposes. Some people may have sold theirs to pay their debts.

Used Car Dealer Chicago: Getting good deals out of used unitsYou may get a better deal once you see a car in good running condition but just needing a little buffing. Painting jobs are costly only if it involves the entire unit. Some may have a broken windshield or have lost a side mirror; these are not major purchases as well. Other dealers may offer you free registration or other freebies such as car covers, seat covers or free insurance. But bear in mind that sometimes, the lesser freebies you get means the better performance the car can offer you.

Used Car Dealer Chicago: Checking for defectsThe thing that you have to look out for is a car that has a totally used up engine or transmission; now, this would cost you a fortune. In this case, you need not rely on this type as it is an impractical option. You can ask a used car dealer Chicago personnel for suggestions. These people know which ones can still perform as a car and which ones need to be towed every time it travels four miles and up. It is then time for you to finally decide which one to buy.

Get yourself the best used car deals at Kingdom Chevy. There are many units on display that can tickle your fancy. Choose from a long range of models and makes at and ride your dream car.

Captain Centennial Says .. .A Sad Goodbye To Mercury

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Submitted by: Monty Buckingham

It is with more than a wee bit of sadness that my mates and I on Team Centennial at Centennial Leasing and Sales in Phoenix are bidding a fond farewell to the Mercury automobile.

After a run that lasted more than 70 years, the once-proud marque that once was the tiger-toothed-grill dream of many an American youth, had its plug pulled by Ford Motor Company, and will wind down its Mercury product line, according to widely reported sources, including Bloomberg News Agency.

As a lad in London, even before I came to The Colonies, (just kidding), I could at times imagine hearing the deep-throated, roaring music of a Merc V8, toned-up as it were with some modestly-muted mufflers. Alas, far be it from the likes of me to know at that time that the brand, launched in 1939, would struggled as it has since the beginning of this millennium, with sales plummeting some 75%. Indeed, mummers of its closure have been out there for years.

Of course, we at Centennial s Phoenix vehicle sales and leasing headquarters were braced for the announcement, as we knew that only a puny 92,000-plus Mercury-badged vehicles were sold in 2009, though sales are up just a smidge this year.

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According to one report, executives at Ford indeed are preparing a proposal to kill the brand, to be reviewed this summer. The two- to four-year wind-down would include the eventual transition of all Lincoln products — currently sold alongside Mercury vehicles in distinct dealerships — to Ford showrooms.

“You have to worry about Lincoln dealers if Mercury goes away,” said John McElroy, host of the Autoline, a Detroit television program. “Dealers need that volume to sell, but they need cars to service, as well.”

Fact it, Lincoln products, which share similar platforms, generate higher profits for the company. And curiously, many Mercury products have MSRPs close to — or sometimes exactly the same as — Ford equivalents. And, in the first quarter of 2010, the brand accounted for only a paltry 1.9% of Ford s total earnings.

While lagging sales are certainly to blame, the erosion of Mercury s identity played a large role, as well. With only four vehicles in Mercury showrooms — all re-badged Ford models with few differentiating features — Americans seem to have forgotten about it. The shut down of the Mercury brand gives notice that Ford’s attempt to create a separate and unique experience for Lincoln was in vain.

And now, the obituaries and post-mortems are seemingly coming from every corner of the industry.

Really, this is as much about Lincoln,” said John Wolkonowicz, an auto analyst with IHS Global Insight. “They needed Mercury for Lincoln dealerships. Lincoln was never self sufficient and they wanted it separated from Ford. They are closing Mercury and essentially throwing in the towel for Lincoln at this point. It won’t stand on its own.”

Wolkonowicz said that while a shut down of Mercury was expected for years, upcoming product changes within Ford mean that the brand’s best-selling car for April, the Grand Marquis, will leave the market after the 2011 model year.

“The number one Mercury, the Grand Marquis, is going away, said Wolkonowicz.”Once that’s gone Mercury isn’t worth having anymore. Without it there isn’t a business case for the brand. Mercury as a whole hasn’t been memorable in a long time.”

Ford has already discontinued Mercury in Canada, and if it goes away entirely it would join several other venerable American brands that have been shuttered in the recent past, such as Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Plymouth. Mercury sales peaked in the late 1970s, but its heyday actually came earlier, in the 1950s and 60s, when the brand offered high-performance cars like the Comet Cyclone and Marauder.

Mercury was the creation of Edsel Ford, the son of Ford founder Henry Ford. Ford created Mercury from scratch, in an era where competitors like General Motors grew by acquiring other carmakers. Edsel Ford is revered in the family and Mercury was his creation, Wolkonowicz told Bloomberg. This is the end of an era.

And it strikes a melancholy note for many of at Centennial s car and truck leasing and sales center in Phoenix; even those of us from across the pond.

About the Author: Captain Centennial, whose real name is Monty Buckingham, is the longtime Public Information Officer for Team Centennial at Centennial Leasing and Sales in Phoenix, AZ.


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2018 Hyundai Elantra: Top Reasons Why You’ll Love This Car}

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2018 Hyundai Elantra: Top Reasons Why You’ll Love This Car


Hyundai Elantra

As 2017 comes to a close, prominent car manufacturers will put on display their best models on auto shows for people to see whats in store for them in 2018. If you plan on having a luxurious car that has both a striking appearance and an impressive overall functionality, you should consider getting the 2018 Hyundai Elantra. The car itself is ultimately designed to bring forth comfort and convenience to consumers from different parts of the world.

With its exterior and interior features, you will see the high-quality craftsmanship that makes it stand out from the rest. Aside from that, you have the ability to personalize your 2018 Hyundai Elantra by choosing your preferred color and accessories. Customizing lets you put add-ons or substitute key features of the car.

Here are the 10 of the Top Exterior and Interior Features youll enjoy the newest addition to the Hyundai family:

Technologically Advanced Structure

This ground-breaking new Elantra model exhibits a sporty look that perfectly fits its functional purpose: to deliver a high-performance vehicle to every car enthusiast. Its structure is engineered to perfection to maximize its full potential in terms of acceleration and fuel efficiency.

Power Sunroof

This model boasts a Power Sunroof that permits sunlight to enter the car. It allows fresh air to enter the vehicle through a vent. The Power Sunroof can either be operated manually or automatically.

Power Windows and Door Locks

With the one-touch control, you can be at ease that every passenger is secure. The 3-Stage Door Checker, on the other hand, allows easy access in and out of the car. It boasts three degrees at which passengers can move effortlessly.

HID Headlights

A high-intensity headlight like that of this ground-breaking model lets you see things clear as it illuminates your path in a pitch black setting. With HID headlights, you can be sure to drive safe in the middle of the night. On top of that, this car model has an Adaptive Cornering System that follows every movement of your steering wheel.

LED Lights

On the outside, you will see exciting elements like LED tail lights that add class and visibility. In contrast to that, its internal illumination takes the car into a whole new level as it welcomes passengers with LED lights. This setting radiates a relaxing ambiance to its passengers.

Automatic Smart Trunk

The 2018 Hyundai Elantra was manufactured to make life more convenient. When you are three feet away from your car and you activate the proximity key, facilitate the Hands-free Smart Trunk grants you an easy way to open the trunk when your hands are full.


Providing your car with a noise reduction solution, the Hyundai Elantra set to come out in 2018, gives you the advantage of the SUPERSTRUCTURE”. It lets you enjoy a smooth ride, keep irritating noises away.

60/40 Split-Folding Rear Seatback

Nothing beats a multi-functional car that gives you to a chance to make some adjustments without altering the overall interiors. With the 60/40 Split-Folding Rear Seatback, owners can modify the car depending on the number of passengers and amount of cargo they have.

Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System

As both hands are gripped into the steering wheel, it wont be a problem for drivers to answer incoming calls. As you activate the button at the steering wheel, the music automatically mutes and resumes right after the call. This keeps drivers stay focused on the pathway when driving.

Automotive Air Conditioning

Having an abundance of vents inside the car creates a well-ventilated setting. This feature of the latest Hyundai model gives comfort and relaxation to passengers all throughout their journey.

For more information visit

Are you considering the

2018 Hyundai Elantra

as your next car? Contact Allen Hyundai today and let us tell you why you’re about to make the best decision.

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Get Timely Auto Repo Help To Keep A Car With An Affordable Monthly Car Payment}

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Get Timely Auto Repo Help to Keep a Car with an Affordable Monthly Car Payment


Mary Coleman

Obtaining Help with Car Repossession

Auto repo can unnerve many car owner, car drivers just when they do not need any extra complications in their life. However, the technological development of the web, easy access to the internet and online assessment tools can help any situations simple and quick. Car repossessions are something that qualify for a half-crisis instead of a full crisis. Most people can deal with a full-blown crisis immediately. Get online help with auto repossession and leave your troubles to professionals or experts. Online service providers do not charge customers for their services so you may have nothing to lose. Do not miss an opportunity if you are looking for a way out of your financial and car troubles in one go. This can help you to make your process easy and quick. START GETTING ONLINE !!

You can contact online service providers like Getcarloanswithbadcredit for help with repo disasters. There is nothing wrong in seeking professional help. You can prevent losing car or putting your credit ratings into even more danger. Car owner, car drivers get timely help to prevent or get back a repossessed car. If you think, your situation is unique and no one can help you that is wrong thinking. Hundreds of thousands face such situations but only a few of them take an important step of auto repo help without losing any time. Such things are best dealt with as soon as they appear. Delaying or refusing to face hardships only worsen situations. Contact us immediately and we will do everything possible without any cost to you!

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Choose the Best Lender for Your Needs

Financial situations like failing to pay off car note often tend to be blown out of proportion. Do not let your lenders get ugly and order a repossession. Do not keep dodging phone calls. Professional help gives you time to work out things in a satisfactory manner. Timely auto repossession help can work wonders to soothe frazzled nerves and ease your financial burden. Take steps in the pre-repossessions status itself to benefit from several options like:

‘Auto loan Refinancing

‘Settle disagreements with lender in mutually beneficial ways

‘Lenders may agree to defer missed payments

‘Modify loan terms to ease monthly payments and keep the car

Where to Turn for Help

It is important to contact current lenders to keep your relationship amiable. If you find another lender for your new auto refinance loan, they will be helpful instead of trying to put in more obstacles in your path. Sometimes getting a car back after repossession can prove to be difficult or downright disappointing. Make sure you stay in touch with your lenders continuously so you do not lose your vehicle out of negligence. If you are not up to dealing with the demands of your lenders, you can still get back a car by calling up professional assistance.

Getcarloanswithbadcredit, provides an quick car repossession help online. If you are facing any problems to stop car repossession, prevent car repossession or in getting car back after repo than you should try once here.

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Auto Dealers Are They A Good Place For Used Car Sales, Service &Amp; Financing ?

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Auto Dealers Are They A Good Place for Used Car Sales, Service & Financing ?


Terry S Vostor

Automobiles provide a remarkable importance in our life. We can easily travel on locations that we want to visit or move in a rush in case of emergency. However, purchasing an automobile is not as easy as buying a cone of ice cream. It needs assistance from people who knows better than us such as a Licensed Auto Dealer. Nevertheless, some people find it expensive when purchasing a new vehicle from them. They tend to deal with friends or co-workers, which are not a certified auto-dealer, to buy their pre-owned automobiles perhaps in some cases to save money, local taxes or both.

Your purchase is safer by law, when buying a legitimate business in your state, business jurisdiction or state. Its not as if you are buying from some bosh auto lot down the street. There is much stringent official legislation concerning these matters and the contract torte law involved. They will never leave you whenever you have doubts about their service. Dealers are forced by law to hold to the guarantees and promises made. Its as simple as that. However this is not always of often the case with private sellers who may well of simply absconded with your cash.

A good finance manager is not there to convince you of his wares – rather with their contacts in the banking and credit industry they will be on the phone cajoling contacts to get you not only approved but also obtain in credit terms – the best deal for you. It is not often the purchase price that matters so much , reports Gavino – but rather financing and credit terms. It seems that in our modern times people seem to be stretched to limit financially. Even with two bread winners its hard to make ends meet. People used to pay cash for everything. The motto left over from the depression of the 1930’s advises home economist Wrongway Strokon that if you cannot afford it , you do not buy it. Pay cash always. If you can afford the purchase it may well be ” a good thing to have”.

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Yet in our day and age few can follow the adage of pay cash or go without.

Automobile dealerships must warranty their products . This is not an option. Its a legislated and enforced requirement in many if not most jurisdictions. In some areas of North America – British Columbia Canada for one – self policing bureaucratic boards – a law onto themselves – attach heinous fines to any variations in published ads and newspaper listing noting and discrepancies what so ever. Generally dealers offer or are held by law to offer some type of binding contract when it comes to warranty and guarantees. Its best for the consumer and the banking institution as well – be it S & L , bank or local credit union that financing , and the paperwork be completed by a finance industry professional.

Accredited Auto Dealers have a variety of trained professionals to check and maintain your vehicle. Factory dealerships have expert trained technicians who are more adroit at repairs than your corner bosh auto shop. They are usually held to higher standards of work and cleanliness overall. The message of Lee Iacoca to a group of Ford dealers in Canada early on in his career was that “People are going to be driving more”, “You are going to have to improve and upgrade your service departments , hire better people , have better trained staff ” , and since your level of service is higher than that generally found in the automotive trades, and is costlier to run – you will also have to charge higher rates. Overall though with the expertise and care afforded the auto owner will receive overall better and greater value , customer and driving satisfaction. Never mind the peace of mind and reliability. On the other hand, some of vehicle owners use to go on non-accredited shop for vehicle tune-up. In the computer field it can be said that its not only price – support after sale counts for much in the purchase equation overall.

Modern up to date dealerships can print out factory recommended service intervals to the auto owner , and sent out reminders of such of vital maintenance needed. They must inform their buyer on what to do before they encounter the same problem. Sure you often can get that information on the internet for a fee, but the dealer first of all can provide it to you at no charge to yourself, and on top of that it may be both a more comprehensive and better laid out report. Many people who desperately need to fund a car as a poor as church-mice when it comes time to arrange purchase and payment terms and options.

In the end it the choice of the car buyer and their families. It is true it is different strokes for different folks. There is not one brand of car to satisfy all drivers and auto owners. Some like cars, some like trucks , others SUV’s. GM owners abound , so do Toyota whereas other drivers and automobile owners like entirely different brands , models and products. Imagine how boring the world would be if we all thought and acted the same – especially if anal retentive. Many of those , especially in larger centers – be it New York, Vancouver or Edmonton find that the one limiting factor when shopping privately is limited selection. The buyer or consumer may have to drive across great distances , back and forth across town or their city – just to see a few cars, trucks or SUVs. Each private seller is going to have only one Dodge Ram or GMC truck on hand- whereas a dealer can have a wide selection of vehicles – in different colors and models , all priced and tested.

Terry S. Vostor

Winnipeg Used Cars Info

Edmonton Dodge Ram Service Specials Fort McMurray Alberta Dodge Ram Trucks

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