Help Blinded Ww2 Japanese Labour Camp Survivors

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Help Blinded WW2 Japanese Labour Camp Survivors


Charity Faith Hope

Every person alive today owes a debt of gratitude to the brave men and women, who served in World War Two. Many sacrificed their lives, others were maimed and injured in battle, or on the home front. St Dunstans is a charity founded in 1915, to help blind and visually impaired ex-servicemen to re-build their lives. Below is the life experience of Stan Grimsey. One of the many ex-servicemen and women,who have benefited from the kind generosity of the people who support St Dunstans.

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Stan joined the infantry in 1939. For two years, his first duty was as chauffeur to the brigadier of the 54th infantry brigade. Stan eventually left his station at Hereford in April 1941 for the Andes, stopping to train – and fight – at Rio, Capetown, Bombay and Singapore. “I lost a lot of my friends defending Singapore. It was an awful scene there, unbelievable carnage.” Stan was captured in Singapore, and made to work – in the quarry, building a railway – while staying in tents in the jungle. He was kept prisoner for over a year. “The conditions in the camps were awful. We did 18 hours or more a day sometimes. All we would eat was horrible rice, and maggots. There were so many of them in the rice, that you couldn’t even pick them out.” Though he sometimes finds it difficult to bring himself to talk about the traumatic experiences of being kept prisoner, Stan feels that it is important that people know what happened and history is remembered as it was. “These men knew exactly what they were doing to the lads, it was an evil scene.” When Japan surrendered, Stan was building an airstrip: “A parachutist walked into the camp and said, ‘you are free’. He told us a bomber would do a trial run over the camp and not to be afraid. When it dropped supplies we just couldn’t believe it! There was tinned food, paper and pencils, and toilet paper. We were so happy when we walked out of the camp.” He eventually got back to England in November 1945. He received a letter while he was on the Suez Canal, telling him what life was like back at home. Stan’s sight had begun to deteriorate while working on the railways: “I was a PoW for three years and eight months. We were denied proper food and medicine and given just rice so I suffered from a lack of vitamin B and lost my sight.” He first became a St Dunstaner in 1977 and has been a permanent resident since 1979. “I enjoy life. I call St Dunstan’s my heaven. I’ve got so many friends here and everyone has been very kind to me. I’ve got everything I need here. I’m very happy here.” Stan still keeps very active. He did the Hastings half-marathon aged 86 and still enjoys ballroom dancing. He says: “I’m so grateful to St Dunstan’s – they’ve done a great deal for me. I have my own room here at Ovingdean and the staff are so friendly – it really feels like home.” After reading about Stan Grimsey`s life. Don`t you feel proud that our country had such brave and courageous men during it`s darkest day`s. I know I felt a little ashamed of my own petty credit crunch worries and problems in life. Because they don`t seem so bad after all, compared to the struggles of Stan. If you want to help people like Stan. There is a link to the St Dunstan`s donation web-page below. Please give generously. I thank you in advance for your kind generosity

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Help Blinded WW2 Japanese Labour Camp Survivors

Five Gift Ideas For Your Mom

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Submitted by: Gerry Simmons

Do you wish to surprise your mom with a nice gift for her birthday? Well, it is definitely fulfilling to see your mom happy and smiling. Therefore, it is best that you think of great gift ideas to make her feel special on her special day.

Here are some gift ideas that you can come up with for your beloved mom s birthday:

1. Bathroom vanities is your mom a bit vain? Well, there is nothing wrong about being vain. She is just taking good care of herself. A good gift for your mom then is a set of bathroom vanities. She would surely love to receive set of shampoo, conditioner, cologne, facial creams and other stuff that she uses in her bathroom.

2. Spa gift certificates another great gift idea for your mom is a treat in the Spa. She surely deserves a wonderful full body massage. It is best for moms who are busy with work. With a day in the Spa, she would surely find time to relax and unwind.

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3. Perfume have you heard about homemade perfumes? It would be great if you will be able to learn how to make one for your mom. You should observe the scent that your mom prefers and then create a perfume from this. Not only is she will be happy to receive new perfume but she will also be proud of you since you took the time and effort to personally produce one for her.

4. Homemade cookies and baked goods it is also advisable to bake some cookies or pastries for your mom. If you can manage, you could also skip from buying a birthday cake from the cake shop and instead just create one yourself. Your mom will definitely appreciate this.

5. Good book you could never go wrong by giving a book as a gift for someone special like your mom. You should choose a book from your mom s favourite author or probably a book from genre that she specifically love.

6. Exercise equipments if your mom is a weight conscious one then a perfect present for her is exercise equipment. You can buy her a treadmill or stationary bike so she can do her cardio exercise even at home. If you have bigger budget then maybe you could start building an outdoor gym for your mom in your backyard. With this, she will no longer need to enrol in a gym to workout because she could already do so in the comfort of your house.

7. Personalized birthday card lastly, you could also come up with a personalized birthday card for your mom. When was the last time that you create a card for her? Well, now is the time to bring back the old school handmade card to surprise your mom on her birthday. This gift is something that she will surely treasure.

Your mom will definitely appreciate any gifts from you but it is still best if you will be more creative and personal with your presents for her.

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Bathroom Vent Cover Removal

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By Mike Lang

If your bathroom vent is starting to sound like an engine with various noises coming out from that area, it is a sign that it requires an immediate replacement and maintenance process. Regardless of how good you are in taking care of stuffs, there will be a time when repairs and changes on the device are required. Most of the time, the vent cover is usually full of dirt and debris that are stuck and at times can damage the guard. Learning how you can remove the cover for cleaning, repair, and replacement purposes is important for a more durable and conditioned bathroom vent cover.

Bathroom vents are not necessarily important cooling systems for a bathroom as you can always use an exhaust fan for this purpose. However, these can be great additions to your ventilation system as they can provide various benefits for the homeowner. Fixing bathroom vent fans can be quite easy; however you must have to remove the cover first in order to get to the actual job of doing the repairs. Below are some easy steps and hints on how you can successfully clean, fix, and replace your vent fan by removing its cover.

— Switch Off Power – before you climb to remove the cover of the bathroom vent, make sure that the power is switched off for your safety. Do not work on the maintenance process unless the device is properly shut down to avoid any accidents during the task. There are many people who tend to forget this simple safety precaution which is why there are lots of cases where individuals get electrocuted as they work on their device. Another best way to make sure that this type of accident would never happen is to unplug the cord to remove any connection to the power source.

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— Tools – a ladder and a screwdriver are the two most essential yet basic tools you will need for this project. Make sure that your ladder is durable and does not wiggle as you step and climb up to reach the cover of the bathroom vent. This is to prevent any risks of accidental falling due to a shaking ladder. A standard length screwdriver is very important to have if you want to make the job easier and a lot simpler.

— Remove Cover – as you safely climb up the ladder, pull out your screwdriver and slowly remove the vent cover’s screw. This will allow you to unlock and pull out the cover easily. Do not force the screw to loosen up as this may damage the screws on some cases.

— Clean, Repair, and Replace – whatever the purpose may be for the removal of the bathroom vent cover, it should be properly done before you put back the cover in its place. Aside from maintaining cleanliness, fixing broken parts and the replacement of old devices, you should also conduct a thorough inspection of the whole vent system to make sure that it is functional, in top condition, and would last for longer years in service. After you are through, you can now put back the vent cover in its place using the screwdriver.

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