Remedies To Ease Out Burning Mouth Syndrome Treatment}

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Remedies to Ease Out Burning Mouth Syndrome Treatment


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Burning Mouth Syndrome or Glossodynia is the sensation of a hot feeling in your mouth, lips, tongue, upper palate and other areas of your mouth. The nerves around your mouth constantly send messages to your brain about different things like temperature, taste, touch and pain. When the brain cannot understand the messages that are sent, it reacts differently. This reaction causes the burning mouth syndrome.

The burning mouth syndrome can arise due to a variety of factors. Some of these include hormonal changes, depression, an imperfect immune system, damages to the nerves around the mouth, acid reflux, diabetes and improper nutrition. However, BMS causes cannot be stated properly as they arise from a variety of factors.

There is good news, there are natural ways as well as clinical ways to treat BMS. Burning Mouth Syndrome treatments

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are depending on the causes. For example, a BMS arising from nutritional deficiency can be treated by adding nutrition to food. Similarly, BMS arising from depression can be solved by prescribing mild anti depressants to the patient from a doctor or a burning mouth syndrome pain clinic. Other treatments are as follows:

Primary BMS can be solved by a lozenge type drug commonly known as Klonopin. The feedback for this medicine have been great and people report relief from BMS after using Klonopin.

Secondary BMS can be treated by treating the underlying cause first. There are certain remedies to ease out burning mouth syndrome as well.

1. Changing your toothpaste: Although changing your toothpaste may not sound as much, it is necessary to eliminate all the possible reasons you are getting secondary BMS

. Check whether your toothpaste has sodium sulphate in it. It is always better to use a fluoride toothpaste. You can also use toothpastes that have activated charcoal particles in them.

2. Lavender Oil Mouth Wash: Lavender oil is considered one of the best medicinal oils available in the market today. It is a great treatment for BMS and even reduces inflammations inside the mouth. Buy lavender oil in its essential and concentrated form, take 1 teaspoon of the oil and take a carrier substance, preferably sugar water or plain water, and wash the insides of your mouth twice a day.

3. Honey: Not only is honey great for weight loss, its is good for treating BMS as well. Take a spoonful of honey. Using your fingers, apply honey all over the insides of your mouth, on the tongue, on the inside walls of the mouth, on the upper palate and also on the lips. Keep your mouth coated with honey for 60 seconds and then swallow it.

4. Alpha-Liopic Acid: Alpha-Liopic Acid is considered as a great medicine for burning mouth syndrome. People suffering from BMS should take 500-600 mg of APA everyday.

5. Nutrients: Since Secondary BMS also develops from a deficiency of Vitamins, it is recommended that a daily dose of all the essential nutrients be taken, in the form of a food pill or actual food. Change your diet to include more nutrients in it. Having meat, brown rice, lentils, curd, fruits and green vegetables is necessary for a full plate of nutrition.

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Entrepreneurs With Irritable Bowel Syndrome! Top 5 Relieving Tips, And What You Must Know}

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Submitted by: Dr. Christine Kaczmar

Thats right youre not alone!

So many

entrepreneurs suffer with I.B.S. The reason? In one word: STRESS.

***What’s Stress Doing To Your Bowels?***

Emotional stress causes you to release cortisol, a stress hormone. Cortisol signals your body that theres a new problem, requiring immediate attention. Your body does what it must to solve this problem, taking energy away from your normal digestive processes.

The longer youre under stress, the more your I.B.S. will be aggravated.

But theres hope:

new evidence shows

what REALLY causes

I.B.S., and its something your doctor has probably NOT investigated.

Later in this article,

Ill give you

5 relieving tips,

and Ill tell you how to learn the

5 mistakes

youre making every time you eat, so you can start relieving your I.B.S. today.

But first,

let me reveal the root cause of your symptoms.

***”HELP! What’s Going On?”***

Lets start with constipation. The early stages of constipation begin when you

do not chew your food thoroughly enough.

When you dont chew thoroughly, your saliva doesnt interact with your food long enough to initiate carbohydrate digestion.

You see, digestion begins in the mouth, and

saliva is the first step of the digestive process.

When you swallow food before its adequately chewed, you place an extra burden on your stomach and pancreas. This sets the stage for constipation, excessive gas, burping, painful bloating, and a host of other digestive complications.

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***Theres More, And Most Doctors DONT Know***

Theres a

second reason

why inadequate chewing leads to constipation- and sadly, its a reason about which many doctors are ignorant. It has to do with

hydrochloric acid production.

Once you swallow your food, your stomach receives HCl, or Hydrochloric Acid, from your blood. It takes approximately 1 hour for your stomach to receive enough HCl. HCl is extremely acidic, and vitally necessary in the digestive process.

When the appropriate pH level in the stomach is reached, your body can now accomplish two essential tasks:

1. Protein digestion2. Mineral absorption

Now, heres the problem: if your digestive process is compromised, the minerals from your food are inadequately absorbed for use in the body. One of these minerals is


Why is sodium so important? Sodium is a key player in the formation of


, a substance that allows you to move your bowels smoothly. Perhaps you’ve heard the term, bile salts.

If youre not absorbing sodium, your bile will be too thick, and youll become constipated. The thicker your bile, the worse your constipation!

So, if your stomach is already exhausted and your digestive organs are stressed because youre swallowing your food in chunks, can you be at all surprised that the production of HCl in your stomach is also faulty?

An incredible amount of your stomachs energy is wasted by cleaning up large portions of unchewed food strains. When this occurs, HCl production will be compromised, you will not properly absorb your foods minerals, you will not absorb enough sodium, your bile will be too thick, and

youll become constipated.


Does this mean you should eat more salt? NO!

Consuming more salt in your diet is NOT the answer. The answer begins with chewing more thoroughly. Without the added burden of digesting big chunks of food, your digestive system will have a better success rate of absorbing the sodium it needs from the food youre already eating.

Your bile will be the correct thickness, and your bowels will move more regularly.

***”What About My DIARRHEA?”***

The diarrhea aspect of I.B.S. is caused when you are not properly


the sugars, fats and proteins youre consuming.

Why did I emphasize the word digesting?

Let me ask you a question: youve probably heard the phrase, You are what you eat. Thats a correct statement, right? Actually its completely


The truth is, you are what you


youre the nutrients you absorb from your food, and assimilate throughout your body for proper utilization.

You can eat all of the apples in the world, but if you cannot digest the apples nutrients, you will not receive much nutritional benefit at all.

Back to the cause of diarrhea, its NOT that you need to eat


sugars, fats or proteins. That would not solve the problem, because your digestive organs are not working properly. Youre not able to digest the sugars, fats and proteins youre



So, what happens when you cant digest your food? Undigested food molecules accumulate within your small and large intestines. These food particles irritate and inflame your digestive tract,

setting the stage for leaky gut syndrome.

But guess what your body is smart! It knows that these undigested food particles are causing real problems. Your body attempts to flush these food particles from your system-

giving you diarrhea!***5 Naturally-Relieving Tips, and 5 Mistakes To Avoid***

Yes, there is hope for relief.

The best answer for long-term relief is to have your digestive system properly analyzed for the above types of digestive issues, and to be placed on a natural remedy specific to your situation.

But for right now, make sure youre doing these 5 things:


three servings per day

of raw, organic fruits and vegetables. They must be raw! Raw produce supplies your body with digestive enzymes necessary to help digest your food.

2.Eliminate wheat gluten from your diet for 2 weeks, and see if you notice any relief. Wheat gluten is a

trigger food

for many I.B.S. sufferers. One of the best, largest gluten-free product lines is Bobs Red Mill, at

3.Eliminate dairy from your diet.

Lactose is a milk sugar,

and is a trigger for many cases of I.B.S. See if you notice any difference after 2 weeks. Check food labels for whey, a hidden dairy ingredient.

4.To help relieve constipation, make sure you consume enough fiber in your diet.

But dont be fooled

some of the foods you think are high-fiber may actually be low-fiber, so be sure to read food labels.

5.Do your best to decrease emotional stress! Take 5 minute breaks

every 90 minutes,

and try to eat in a calm environment.

***Last But Certainly Not Least STOP Making These 5 MISTAKES!***

Even the most health-conscious entrepreneurs are making mistakes every time they eat, that are making their I.B.S. worse. To summarize the information, Ive written a

FREE report, called The 5 Mistakes Youre Making Every Time You Eat!.

This is critical information to help you get faster I.B.S. relief, so click here or on the link below to get your

FREE copy

of this report right now:

About the Author: Natural Digestive Health and Internal Health Specialist Dr. Christine Kaczmar, The Digestion Doctor, helps people get their lives back from I.B.S., Constipation, Diarrhea, Gas, Bloating, Heartburn, High Cholesterol and more. Get The 5 Mistakes Youre Making Every Time You Eat right now by clicking this link:



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